Sunday, February 28, 2016

Vegas Trip and Skydive

Hello. I wanted to put up some pictures from a trip to Las Vegas that my friend Charlie and I went on. We had a lot of fun there. Probably the most memorable thing we did was a skydive at Sin City Skydiving. Both of us had not done one before. It was pretty amazing and kind of hard to believe. We rode in a small plane up to 12,000 feet, jumped out for about a 40 second free fall at up to 120 miles per hour. We did a tandem skydive so a professional sky diver was strapped to our backs. After the free fall, the parachute ride down took about 5 minutes. Here are some pictures. 

Johnny Utah and Bodhi from Point Break

The plane was small and could fit a pilot and 4 people

See ya dudes, we're about to jump out

Here we go!

The first few seconds after jumping out was the craziest part. Whoa!

Now we are in position for the amazing and intense free fall

Enjoying the ride and kind of can't believe what's going on

After pulling the chute, we could see Charlie coming down and their chute was pulled

David did a trick with the parachute which spun us around

Coming in for the landing. Instead of landing on my feet, I did a slide landing, haha

We made it. David was a really nice guy and skilled skydiver.

Our first night in Vegas we explored the Stratosphere where we stayed. This is a view from the top of the tower.

The second night we got a bus pass and went down the Vegas strip checking out a bunch of the casinos and fun spots. We went into several casinos including the well decorated Caesar's Palace. We got this picture with some heroes outside.

The next night, our friend Portia that we met went with us to downtown or Freemont Street

There was a lot of fun stuff there. We joined a couple break dancers to get our groove on.



Charlie and Portia rode the zip line and I hung back to take pics

The next night, someone pointed out to me that Flavor Flav was a few spots over from where I was sitting at the Stratosphere. I walked over and he was nice and let me get a picture with him. He is in the famous rap group Public Enemy and has also been in a couple reality tv shows.

We had a lot of fun in Vegas. I would stay at the Stratosphere again, for sure.

Bonus: skydive video

Monday, September 7, 2015

summer is almost over


This weekend was the first ever Fjord blog convention. All of the people pictured above were in attendance and we had a good time networking and talking about ideas, food, movies and stuff. It was a great way for the staff to connect with the fans. I want to give a special thanks to Randy, Paul, Erica, and all of the other people who attended and brought snacks. Thanks, let's do it again next year! 

Summer is nearly over. I had a really fun one. Some highlights were a float trip, trip to Mexico, some concerts and local music shows, a bachelor party at Lake of the Ozarks, and hanging out with friends at a pool, friend's place, or out on the town. Was it the best summer ever? Why, yes. It was the greatest summer ever. Well, who knows. It was a fun one for sure. 

I don't have a lot of other stuff to talk about right now. I have been eating more peanut butter and jelly sandwiches lately. I like to have Spicy Nacho Doritos on the side and on the sandwich too. 

I wanted to touch a little bit on some movies and shows. The movie Mad Max Fury Road was pretty awesome. 


I heard there is a new Star Wars movie coming out in December. I guess that one might do ok. Maybe it will make a few dollars so they can consider releasing another one in 3 years or so. 

A comedy show I enjoy is The Eric Andre Show. It is a pretty random/funny show. Maybe it is in the same category as Tim and Eric Awesome Show. I find it to be a little more intense. 


A friend recommended I check out the show Danger 5. So, I will probably check that one out soon, along with more of The League and Wet Hot American Summer - First Day of Camp. 

Matt and I are getting season passes for Six Flags for 2016. We will be going to Fright Fest on Saturday, October 3, 2015 if friends want to join. 

That wraps it up for now, y'all. Let's grill some burgers soon. Later bros.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Zap the Pirate Polar Bear

This is the story of a pirate polar bear named Zap.  Zap is a male polar bear and he grew up way up north.  He had a great childhood like many bears from his area.  His Mom and Dad were outgoing and got Zap involved in fun activities like sports, music, and break dancing. Once Zap graduated high school, his Mom would say “Ok, Zap, it’s time for you to pursue a career.”  Zap would reply, “I know what you’re saying Mom, but no. I aspire to be a pirate and that’s really what I’m going to do.”  One reason Zap wanted to be a pirate was because he figured he would not get scurvy.  He had never heard of a polar bear getting scurvy.

Zap knew that the time was right and he ordered a pirate hat and eye patch online.  He never had an eye injury but he thought it would be smart to go with a classic pirate look. Once they came in the mail, he also packed a bag with some clothes and supplies and he said farewell to his Mom and Dad.  His parents were reluctant to let him go but they also wanted to support their son in the path that he chose.

Zap was well on his way to the shore. He hoped to find a pirate ship to sail on. While he was on his way, he encountered a dangerous snake. It was not looking good but Zap threw a rock at the snake and that made the snake back off.  Zap was then able to find a ride from some people who were traveling.

Zap made it all the way to a city that resided on the ocean shore.  He went to an area tavern and drank rum with some of the locals. And, he got a tip about a really nice pirate ship that was going to arrive the next day.  Zap stayed up all night and then he went to the dock where the pirate ship was arriving.  When the pirate ship arrived, Zap got very aggressive and jumped on the ship and took it over.  He threw much of the crew overboard into the water and also fought some of the others, mauling them viciously, which made them retreat off the ship.

Zap then began to sail the ship, and the legend was born.  Over the next several years, Zap sailed the world, going from port to port, making friends and taking any treasures he heard about or saw. He would drink rum and sing songs. Zap would sometimes have some of his old bros or new friends on the ship, but he also enjoyed some time on the ship alone because the sea was like a brother to him.

After years of being a successful pirate, there was another pirate polar bear who came along named Taz Tondo.  Zap considered Taz a copycat type of pirate. Taz’s ship was really not as good. The two were rivals and the last anyone had heard of their location, they were in an intense battle in the Norwegian Sea.

There are some people who think Zap is still out there. That’s kind of how it works when you’re a legend like he is.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

some pictures from Mexico

First night, ready for a good time

 photo 11703210_10152895219175124_7432194484775718106_n_zpswfrpmkmg.jpg

Some pirates tried to put Dan down

 photo 11742766_10152895219170124_2635600768294184669_n_zpskhgononl.jpg

They went after Matt too

 photo 11223652_10152895219480124_6636513521931018583_n_zpsdfu7sede.jpg

we spent a good amount of time in the pool

 photo 20099_10152895219535124_2609597439628259440_n_zpshiksusjw.jpg

and in the ocean

 photo 1610970_10152895220365124_4387276062698553703_n_zpsp9rhdqrk.jpg

one night we hit the dance floor at the disco

 photo 11700948_10152895220275124_1025480659073744414_n_zpsxygdl5hv.jpg

3 pictures taken at once, nice

 photo 11745482_10152895220060124_6994702787390785651_n_zpsodwcsaq0.jpg


 photo 11181317_10152895220670124_3983541080501899772_n_zpsjj4bg2bm.jpg

Another night we sang karaoke on the big stage. I sang Welcome to the Jungle.

 photo 11200803_10152895220875124_1146484821983197679_n_zpsrc26suza.jpg

 photo 11755343_10152895220905124_4786528651303908449_n_zpsao4pn6mp.jpg

Matt gave a crowd pleasing performance of Mony Mony.

 photo 11737813_10152895221005124_8318811867660861740_n_zps5vji7501.jpg

Nichole said, y'all ready to Shoop a Doop?

 photo 11709603_10152895221065124_5313853149072913402_n_zpsfokvgqxh.jpg

Tomorrow, we can drive around this town... by Senior Travis

 photo 11745770_10152895221045124_3888557785105179066_n_zps2fvrrsmu.jpg

Tom Petty for mi amigos

 photo 11745683_10152895219855124_5098892255640226780_n_zpss2jom4m5.jpg

mechinical bull

 photo 11750682_10152895221410124_222420268167121876_n_zpsyia4823r.jpg

one night Matt and I dressed up like Tim and Eric characters, Beaver Boys (outfits especial)

 photo beaverboys_zpscnkdji2a.jpeg

 photo 11252759_10152895221330124_4028273895538813333_n_zpsbgaov1y8.jpg

Our waiter Jose showed us a good time at the restaurante

 photo 11096624_10152895221255124_4025287495090657152_n_zpszv6symj4.jpg

 photo 11011475_10152895221635124_7433050608022150001_n_zpsjjttc3an.jpg

Mi amigos Matt, Melissa, and Emma went for a ride on horses (el caballos)

 photo 150727_10152895221515124_979983396245711902_n_zpsczruesrv.jpg

 photo 11760094_10152895512490124_6222874046769986951_n_zpstcklkged.jpg

 photo 10696260_10152895219450124_6547320491487927260_n_zps78qceydk.jpg

It was my first time seeing these guys, cartamundi

 photo 11755694_10152895219650124_1597872047231446970_n_zpsmv20gxkf.jpg

Hello (Hola)

 photo 11709573_10152895219780124_5774879638966978163_n_zpsnxnuwzu0.jpg

See ya next time, Mexico. Adios!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

would ya look at this? summer update


Would ya look at this? It's pretty much summer time out. I ordered a couple new grey tee shirts this week. I have plenty of black tee shirts but needed a couple grey ones. They made me laugh so hopefully they will be cool.

I recently had my 37th birthday. Thanks to the all my homies out there for the bday shout outs. I don't always get a chance to tell friends happy birthday but I hope that you do have fun on that special day each year. 

Last weekend, I went on a float trip with friends. I was under the weather earlier that week. Also, early in the week, the forecast for the weekend called for rain. Luckily, I felt better and the weather was great by the time the weekend came around. We had a lot of fun floating the river in rafts and hanging out. I played a game of bags (aka cornhole) and lost 21-0 to a couple guys from a neighbor camp site. Maybe I should stick to whiffle ball. 


Oh, look at this. Some friends and I are going on a trip to Mexico in July.  That will be really fun and hot.  I think it has been 3 years since I went on a similar trip. Here is a picture of the pool and beach where we're going. Next time, come along and we can play some sand volleyball and have a cerveza in the pool.

I have tickets for Deftones and Slipknot concerts this summer. Those will be fun nights. Other than that, I'll try to spend a little time at the pool with friends and find some other fun stuff to do. 

It is pretty cool that St. Louis is hosting an mma fight between Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock. I'm not sure if I'll go. But, if I did, I would root for Kimbo. I like his character and attitude towards fighting for a living. How much would it cost for you to fight Kimbo? Hmm, a small payment of 2 million dollars should cover it. And, if I could also get some tickets for club seats for some homies, that would be rad. The only problem is I probably would not survive.

I will probably see you sometime soon for some fun times. We can put on some Goo Goo Dolls or look up some cool music videos on youtube. 

Abraham Lincoln used to have some cool birthday parties at Dave and Busters.